Breaking Barriers To Growth: Money Edition

Breaking Barriers To Growth: Money Edition


About The Event

You are a woman with a plan. A plan to grow your business. But is your money strategy propelling your growth or holding you back?

Research shows that most women entrepreneurs start their businesses by using their savings, and work on a month to month basis, using working capital alone.

This may be right for your business, or it may not!

Are you adopting the right attitude and strategy, as far as money is concerned? Is being too cautious about money holding you back from growth? If Business Growth requires more capital, where should you source it from?

Take a day off from your routine at work, and think GROWTH! Let’s get serious about money, and using money to propel our businesses ahead, faster.

Whom is this event meant for?

This is a ‘workshop-plus’ event focused on delivering hands-on learning for women running a business, as well as women entrepreneurs about to get started. Join us to speed up your learning!

Why you should attend

#1 Evaluate your approach to money and align your money management to your growth plans

#2 Learn to identify the right sources of money – what is a good fit for your business needs

#3 Build your network – find partners, co-workers, customers, and suppliers; build alliances to propel your growth.

#4 Be inspired by other entrepreneurs, including the practical know-how of those who have grown their businesses using diverse sources of funding.

payumoney-logoThis event is powered by Payumoney, which also allows us to handle registrations and ticketing for this event. From small businesses to firms with large transactions, Payumoney offers easy solutions to start selling and collecting your payments online with ease.

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