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About The Event

Eduwhiz in collaboration brings to you BRANDING CHARCHA. A four-hour intense workshop on aspects of digital marketing & branding, it will also give insights on how to use Social Media powerfully and to make the most out of it!

Course Module-
1. Components of Digital marketing.
2. Overview on strategy planning
3. Overview on SEO
4. Blogs
5. Practice exercises ( 3 of them)
6. Overview on PPC
7. Overview on social media
8. Using facebook to get an effective visible page
9. Using Twitter to get an effective visible page
10. Using Instagram and linkedin
11. Using hashtags
12. Practice exercise (2 of them)

Anout The Speaker-Ruhee Chopra Dubee

The adrenaline rush to do something innovative was always urging this young robust lady to do something out of the niche. Her army background of having travelled to various cities every two years added more vigour to this robust never to say die attitude lady. After having done her MBA she worked in various corporate till the call to do something different innovative made her take a risk in life. She attended the women entrepreneur program at ISB, Hyderabad to give a leash to her dreams of marketing. An orator and a person who has the gift of the gab she always considered this the best field to reckon with.
Having over 14 years of marketing experience and now the founder of award winning Digital marketing agency Eventum marketing based in Gurgaon and now Dubai as well. Her grasp of digital marketing has been all through real time case studies and experience of now handled over 50 clients in various sectors for Digital marketing . She believes that the best way to learn Digital is to do it yourself and no course can get you anywhere unless you are really passionate about it.

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