BRAINIVAL by Pavan Bhattad

BRAINIVAL by Pavan Bhattad


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About The Event



Brainival is a celebration of your brain. It is a collection of trainings to efficiently use your brain. 4 Workshops are conducted in 4 days. Participants can join the entire Brainival (recommended) or subscribe to any of the workshops that interest them. Over the 4 days at the Brainival, participants learn:


Creativity and Innovation: 

Every CEO wants a creative and innovative team, yet many of them fail to know what innovation is. Coming up with new ideas, new products is not innovation. That is just the result of innovation. This workshop will teach you the process of innovation, the various methods of thinking for Innovation and problem solving. Yes, Innovation can be taught. You will learn how and when to apply different modes of thinking like Generative, Analytical, Reactive, Lateral thinking etc.

Mind Mapping:

Mind Map is a radiant thinking tool. It deploys whole brain thinking to efficiently use your brain. Mind Maps are the easiest way to feed information into your brain and to get information out of it. Mind Map is a great tool for note taking, generating ideas, planning, management and a lot more.


Speed Reading

The education system demanded a lot of reading from us but never taught us how to read efficiently. After teaching us simple words like C A T cat and D O G dog, we were left to ourselves to figure out how to read.  
In the Speed Reading workshop you learn how to effectively use your eyes and brain to read much faster and understand text even better than your regular understanding. Many bad reading habits like mind wandering, sub vocalization, etc are addressed in the workshop. This workshops guarantees to at least double your reading speed with a superb comprehension and understanding of the text.


Science of Memory

In education and at work, memorizing anything has always been considered as a laborious task. By knowing the simple human language of Imagination and Association, you will learn very simple techniques to memorize long lists. You will understand the Science of Memory. By knowing how memory works and what humans remember or forget, understand and misunderstand,  you can plan your presentations, interviews, meetings, exams in a much better and efficient way.


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Participant Fee : Rs. 11,000 per seat

Early Bird Discount: Rs. 1,100 for bookings done in advance of 5 days (Discount code: EBD)

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