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About The Event

 This comprehensive 2-day training program teaches you globally proven methods of best using your Brain's abilities. 

Brainival is a very insightful an powerful combination of our other programs. 2 days of sheer learning about the basic skills that are very necessary but often taken for granted. While each topic is a good learning in itself, the real learning gets compunded when they merge into each other.

This program is conducted as an open wrkshop and also as an inhouse training for organizations and groups. 

Pavan Bhattad has put all his research on "Using the Brain" into this training. Thousands of people have already benefited and you cannot leave behind. 

Brainival Training is made up of following 4 modules:

Speed Reading: How about finishing any book in one sitting? Learn the right methods to use your eyes and brain to grasp more data in less time. Brainival workshop guarantees to double your reading speed within the workshop. That too with better understanding and comprehension. Also repairs many other bad reading habits like wandering thoughts and subvocalization.

Mind Maps: Mind maps is a very powerful tools for Analysis, Decision Making, Planning, Presentations, Taking and Making Notes and much more. It can cut down a 15 slide presentation in a single slide and summarize a book in one page with all the detail. Mind maps gives you that one thing required in any work: Clarity of Thought.

Memory Techniques: Whether you are doing a presentation, conducting a meeting, appearing for an exam or talking with your spouse, a good memory directly boosts your confidence. Learn the most important memory techniques to remember things for your day to day life. Never forget the appointments, names and faces anymore.

Creative Thinking: Can you wait for the right idea to occur to you? More than ever before, we need to generate ideas for sales, marketing, processes, problem solving, operations and much more. Don't wait for ideas to occur any more. At the Brainival, learn how to generate ideas as and when you wish. 

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