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Brain HACK Workshop


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Brain HACK Workshop



Reading people's Mind, implanting thoughts, predicting behavior and hacking into the subconscious may sound like science fiction. 


Using advanced yet natural psychological principles, it is possible to reverse engineer a brain and its working and in-fact trick it to ones benefit. 


The jargon Brain hacker is not a formal term. It's the term people have coined for certain set of people who can implant thoughts and predict behavior and yes, it definitely sounds dangerous.


What a Brain Hacker believe is human observation, deduction, neuro-linguistics, probing, hypnosis and magic can make people think he is hacking into their brains.


Psychology and Hypnosis are the core of the entire art. Human brains are Fascinating, especially the subconscious mind.


Challenge your brain with games designed by our team of expert neuroscientists, Magicians, illusionists, Hypnotists and Computer Hackers to exercise your brain's memory and attention


Learn how your brain works, and reverse engineer and learn how to trick it to the fullest !  We will leave you with a jaw-dropping, fun filled magical experience rest of your life. Learn quick tricks and techniques you can use on your fellow friends once you finish our workshop.


Join our workshop and make the best use of your Brain's capabilities. Please find the content of the Workshop:



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