Book Online Tickets for Boundless Achievements By Shouvik Lahiri, Kolkata. Achieve Whatever you want… Lets not create any Boundaries to our thoughts
It\\\'s Never too late to achieve what you wanted till you die...
About Boundless Achievements: Program Goals : This program uses powerful tools and concepts o

Boundless Achievements By Shouvik Lahiri


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About The Event

Achieve Whatever you want… Lets not create any Boundaries to our thoughts


It's Never too late to achieve what you wanted till you die...

About Boundless Achievements: Program Goals : This program uses powerful tools and concepts of NLP, Law Of Attraction, Meditation and more. At the end of this program, you will be able to identify what exactly stopping you from achieving what you want and how to overcome it and get goals with clarity and positivity.


It will answer you few important questions like:

How do I set my goals
Can I really achieve my goals or its too late
I normally stay very positive, still why I am unable to achieve my goals
How to overcome my challenges to goals
What is Law Of Attraction – A secret, A mystery or a Magic…
I always wanted to do something but now doing other thing – How do I break that


Modules Covered: 


Understanding Achievement and Its Importance 
Why we use BUT and TRY  
Understanding Brain and Habits  
7 Universal Laws for success  
20 Things to Know Before Goal Setting  
3 Steps to Set and Get Goals  
Understanding Affirmations  
Goal Mediation for Daily Practice  
8 Rituals for Achieving Boundless 

This training program is not for any set of people. In fact, it is for every individual. We all want to achieve something or the other, someone wants to become the CEO of a company whereas someone wants to have a successful business, might be someone wants to go for a world tour and even giving the best educations to the children’s can be a achievement for someone. What I want to say is that we all have an achievement desire but 9 out of 10 people are bounded with limiting beliefs and find their achievement desire to be impossible to achieve. We speak a lot about negative and positive thoughts but this training program will help you to understand what actually it means. You will be astonished to know that our each word that we speak out actually can either make us strong or weak. In fact, this training program will help you to know that our everyday habits are one of the biggest reasons of our limiting beliefs. For people like us every successful person has some special gift from god, but this training program will help you realize that we all human beings have equal qualities but what distinguishes the successful people is their attitude towards life and their belief in their achievement desire.



We all know in fact, we even say this very common line to all that “nothing is impossible”, then knowing this why we limit ourselves with limiting beliefs. The 7 laws of universe module in this training program will give you the knowledge and make you realize the true facts of life and through these learning’s we can help ourselves to overcome our negativity which we have for others and by doing this we can actually go few steps ahead for achieving our goals. The best learning from this training program which will help you overcome and stay focused on our goals is that it will make you realize that most of us are actually are not aware that what is our actual goal and this is the biggest reason of our limiting beliefs. We often mix our dreams with our goals. This training program will help you to set your goals.


Setting goals is not about taking a pen and paper and writing down your desires. This training program will take you through the principles which is involved and required for goal setting. These principles will actually make you realize your actual goals and will help you distinguish your goals from your desires. Again, realizing your actual goals will not take you to goal achievement it’s just the first step towards it. This training program will take you through 3 steps towards achieving your goals. Having a proper step for any task or goal is very important for its achievement and this training will exactly equip you with the same.


We all human beings are having so many desires that we tend to get defocused from our goals every now and then which again are other big reasons of not being able to achieve our goals. In this training program you will be provided with the required things which will help you to focus on your goals. So, to summarize I will say, that this training program Boundless Achievements is all about setting your actual goals and achieving the goals by overcoming all the bounded feelings and situations.    

What People Said About Boundless Achievements:


- Dr. Nandini Roy Chowdhury

Program: Good, motivating, inspiring

Trainer: Liked his presentation


- Mrs Komala V. Jawaid

Program: Very nice program made interesting with video, games etc. Very good tool for self empowerment.

Trainer: His teachery is simple, good, easily understandable. His suggestions are down to earth and practical


- Pushpa Deb

Program: It was very interesting, informative and innovative. It was very practical & useful in daily life sphere

Trainer: He is a very good speaker


- Mrs Gourti

Program: Program was very much encouraging

Trainer: Easy going person. Want to meet him for solving various problems.


- Suchandra Sinha

Program: Good, but delivery and content needs improvement

Trainer: Real life examples must be better chosen for impact while explaining the laws.



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