Booklaunch and Introduction Evening Pune

Booklaunch and Introduction Evening Pune


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About The Event

Be inspired and learn how Brandon’s revolutionary Journey work has transformed the lives of so many. Come and join these inspiring and joyous evenings and find out about The Journey, how cellular healing is possible and awakening the human potential is for everyone!

The Journey is coming to India FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Take this opportunity to take part in one of the most powerful healing methods in the World today!

The Journey is a method of cellular healing developed by international best selling author Brandon Bays. She pioneered the revolutionary healing method to heal herself from a large tumor in just 6 1/2 Weeks - No drugs and No Surgery!!

Since 1992 the Journey has been made available in 38 countries around the world and now it is coming to India where Brandon Bays for the first time be conducting the Journey Seminars herself.  It has helped thousands of people worldwide free themselves, for example:

  • Fear, worry, stress and anxiety vanishes
  • Depression clears
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence transforms
  • Chronic anger and rage comes to peace
  • Physical illnesses and diseases heal
  • Addictions and unhealthy behaviours shift
  • Past traumas and hurts resolve
  • Verbal, physical and sexual abuse heal
  • Relationship problems clear
  • Career performance increases

Spiritual realisations and developments accelerates

Using The Journey methods ordinary people achieve extraordinary results, no matter their age, background, culture or upbringing. The Journey is hailed as a universal teaching, the only one of its kind!

Are you ready for The Journey? Ask yourself if:

• Fear, anxiety or stress is prevalent in your life.
• You’re feeling stuck or that there’s just got to be more to life.
• You’re facing ill health or ongoing physical issues.
• Unhealthy behaviors keep repeating, leaving you depressed
• You’re wanting more fulfilling relationships.
• You’re still searching for your own authentic greatness.

Then join us and experience this dynamic, new therapy for bringing lasting change to your life!


About the facilitator:

This evening will be facilitated by Internationally acclaimed speaker, bestselling author and mind-body healing expert Brandon Bays. 

Brandon is recognized as one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative mind-body-healing teachers – and The Journey has become one of the most powerful healing processes available on our planet. 

People of all ages and backgrounds flock to Brandon’s events to experience her warmth and wisdom, and for the powerful and tangible results this work delivers.


You can download a free audio of Brandon reading the first 4 chapter of the Journey book by going to the website or an ebook.

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