Book launch and Live cooking session with Pankaj Bhadouria at Piali

Book launch and Live cooking session with Pankaj Bhadouria at Piali


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Masterchef, a name which rings a bell with just a mention is the title that was won for the first time by Pankaj Bhadouria. Food is synonymous to breath for her and spices are the essence of it. Her journey of teaching kids in a classroom to teaching young chefs and cooks the art of making food is one of its kind. Right after winning the competition she has come to the world imparting her culinary skills to the world through the form of shows or books.
The right blend of spices is crucial to Indian cooking and it’s the combination of different spices that make some dishes so hard to resist. India’s First MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria has identified around 50 such spice mixes with a tantalizing recipe following each spice mix which can be made at home. With 4 books to be acclaimed for, Pankaj is all set to launch her 5th book, The Secrets in the Spice Mix at Piali~ The curry bistro.
Piali’s menu is one of its kind and what makes it different is the class of curry and the spices that go into making them what they are! One such dish on the menu is the Thai Curry. Pankaj not only intends to share her secret spices and sign the books for her followers but also demonstrate the cooking of the Thai curry live for the present audience.
“I am really excited to be launching my secrets at Piali and the following live cooking session. I am happy to be able to share them with my audiences and where better than a place which savors the spices the most!” said an eager Pankaj.
With no such introduction required, Pankaj was initially a teacher turned cook who won Masterchef India’s first season and will be launching her book Secrets of the Spice Mix and make the recipe of Thai curry come live - at Piali for the present audience.
You are invited to come to Piali- The Curry bistro this Monday, 12th June, 6.00 PM onwards to witness the first Masterchef in action unveil her secrets of the spice mixes and use one of them to recreate the magical Thai Curry.


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