Book Launch : A Primer on Sales by Chats at Wordsmith University

Book Launch : A Primer on Sales by Chats at Wordsmith University


  • A Primer on Sales

    A Primer on Sales by Chats

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About The Event

A well-educated man was boasting of his education while on a boat and the boatman asked him whether he knew how to swim. He had told that he did not want to get his hands and feet dirty while sailing with water.  As the next recession cloud and wind came, the boat began to sink. The boatman now asked: Do you know how to sail with your body and mind? The answer was not heard because the man was already going down and no other qualification was holding him.


Replace ‘sailing’ with ‘selling’ above and this is the condition of everyone: whether in school, whether a salaryman, a man of business or an enterprise builder or a would-be celebrity.


Majority of Indian middle class did not understand fully that Sales is the father and grandfather, in short causa ultima  of all the salary, perks and the social status and matrimonial power-booster. Somebody somewhere sells something and the effects spread.


Selling is a discipline.


The organization can weather all storms if its sales engine performs but if this engine stops or the performance goes below a certain critical level, nothing can stop the organization going down the drain.


The book – A primer on sales is written by a salesman, but no ordinary salesman (check the habit of your mind now – it is not some sales trick but sadhana) He is an academic in real sense and we are proud to present this book. He wrote this book not as a tenured professor but while in the trenches of real marketplace. 


Most of the teachers and students at Wordsmith University wonder as how some professors of business in most business and management schools - especially in government funded ones and thus secured since his twenties teach Risk, Entrepreneurship and such topics. You cannot teach Risk while completely secured since you got the appointment. You do not know what is Sales untill and unless you have battle scars. These subjects can be only taught by someone who has experience - direct, living experience. 


Chats will discuss something which will change your habit of mind and potentially – yourself.


You shall take away something from this, if you are attentive and fortunate: A NEW YOU