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About The Event


Greetings from Team UTSAV 2017,


Neurologically people have a need to feel oriented, to know where they are,not just in terms of


a compass but in terms of their culture and history. To be informed about where they're


coming from and to have a glimpse of a hopeful future. UTSAV, the annual-techno fest


composed and put together by BMS College Of Engineering quenches this thirst.




Dated back to 1981 , UTSAV is a flamboyant spectacle that acts as a portal for students across


India who are zealous to exhibit their competency, expertise and curious to exploit their skill


set to the maximum. This fest is known to elevate arts to a height that it becomes a set of


beliefs. UTSAV's knack in organising TURTLE, Whiplash, Sahas , Fashion Show and DJ


Night is known widely. These events have set standards of really high magnitude that cannot


be fathomed. These events are built to publicise, promote and help the events reach the correct


audience which they are meant for.To facilitate this, we partner with various sponsors. This


not only helps to spread the ideology behind each event but also helps the sponsors get


more publicity with our unique strategy for the same.




Time doesn't run when in Bengaluru. Time tends to dance with the scenic celebrations that this


city enchants. We, at BMSCE have just the right thing for you to sync into this euphoria. A


three day carnival that celebrates the song of glory that this city sings. A tribute to the “Most


dynamic” city in the world, Namma Bengaluru. UTSAV 2017 is "The city’s celebration".


A collaboration with UTSAV 2017 will give you a unique opportunity to align your brand in the


way you desire and appeal to a dynamic and receptive spectrum of people. UTSAV draws an


enormous crowd of students every year. As we gear up volunteers and get the community hyped


up for another phenomenal UTSAV, we invite you to partner with us. We have had amazing


support from a large number of sponsors over the years, and with your contribution, we will


make UTSAV 2017 another record breaker. Sponsors are what make this event possible and we


offer you an excellent set of benefits.




           Nihal Abubaker CH                                            Anup Kamath


           Ph: 9900132659                                                  Ph: 9740280791










Username: @bmsce_utsav






Username: @bmsce_utsav




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