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Join us every Saturday for this one-of-a-kind Street Fighting Workshop.Learn to fight with short sticks, soft samurai swords, knives and your bare hands.Why? Hell, why not? Ladies, you’ve heard how effective a kick in the groin can be, but have you ever tried it? Chances are, in a sticky situation, you would be too nervous to try it either. So join us this Saturday and actually give this killer move a go– for real, with a whole bunch of other easy techniques.Guys, don’t worry your groins won’t be the punching bags. Any idiot can carry a rod in the boot of a car. And most do. Here’s your chance to learn how to disarm the idiot and delicately place that rod where the sun won’t shine.Bring your friends along for this workshop that’s designed to make you street smart, while being a fun workout with lots of friendly sparring. We will be using practice weapons, so no one is getting their nose cut off. And because we love you, this workshop is FREE for one month!

Package Includes

• 2 hours self-defence workshop

• All training equipment

When and Where

Every Saturday 4-6pm, Bandra (W)

Charges: Free (Prior registration required)

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