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About The Event

Learn to spin fire in this true balls-of-steel 1-day workshop. You will move from being afraid of fire, to making it your dance partner as you learn to handle the fire-staff. With the fire-staff you can spin, twirl, dance and shape the fire to form beautiful patterns of light.Fire spinning or dancing is mesmerizing to watch. And twice as enthralling to perform. You fire instructor will teach you to balance / center your body and handle your staff, without fire. After the basic drills, you will learn to connect with fire. Using simple techniques, you’ll be able to endear that elusive flame, growing more confident with fire every minute.Once you and your instructor are comfortable, it is time to set your world on fire. You’ll light up the Kevlar-ends of your fire staff and scare the bejesus out of everyone with your mad new skills.Your workshop is conducted outdoors and in public space. This is important since you would practice Fire Spinning outdoors and should get used to spinning while being aware of your surroundings.
What you get

• 2.5 hours Fire Spinning Workshop in a public place

• All training equipment

Where and When

Vile Parle (W)26 Jan - 7:15 to 9:45 pm


Wear something comfortableAvoid white clothes and sandals

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