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Teach a man to fish and we’ll be having crab curry for dinner. With some fried shrimp, river eels, hot rice, papad…oh wait, this is about fishing! Learn to fish crabs and shrimps and then cook the most awesome meal on this planet in this fun river-side experience.We’ll reach the campsite in time for a nice village-style lunch, after which we start learning about traps and nets. Next we get into the river and start handling the traps. And this is where the fun begins. You will learn how to handle traps in waist deep water and how to grab those crazy crabs without them grabbing you. We’ll empty our traps, loaded with crabs, shrimps and eels (hopefully) and take up our nets. We toss our nets in and sit back for a well-earned cup of tea and enjoy a dip in the river.Soon it is time to pull those nets out and see what’s for dinner! You can choose to warm up by the bonfire or step into the kitchen for a quick introduction to cleaning and cooking crabs.And then we feast. Everything we catch is cooked, in typical village-style, for dinner. After we’ve all burped our last fish, we hop on to the bus and head back home.This experience is a nice way to spend some time outdoors, just chilling out with friends and family.

What you get

• Round trip transport from Mumbai  • Veg lunch • Tea • Non-veg dinner • All fishing equipment

Where and When

2 hours from Mumbai26th Jan,10 am to 11:30 pm


Pick-up / drop off will be from Bandra W, Andheri E, Jogeshwari E, Powai, Mulund and Thane. You will be fishing in waist-deep water, so dress accordinglyThe river bed is rocky, a pair of strapped sandals would helpShower and changing facilities are availableIt will get quite cold in the evening

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