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This program is about how a company can go about creating a Blue Ocean by uncovering an un-served set of customer needs, and then value-innovating to bring a compelling new value proposition to the market. The concepts, tools, and techniques in the program illustrate how creative and forceful differentiation can be combined simultaneously with driving out costs, through a systematic process of finding a Blue Ocean for your Company. Thus, customers get what they really want for less, while sellers get higher margins by reducing or eliminating product attributes that dont really matter much to customers.

Workshop objectives: Understanding the Blue Ocean Strategy approach, assimilating its principles, and learning the steps that a company can take to create a competition-free space.

Workshop contents:
Basic concepts
2.Six underlying principles
3.Value Innovation: The creation of new market spaces
4.The process of Blue Ocean Strategy formulation
5.Execution of Blue Ocean Strategy
6.Workshop Exercises 

Workshop methodology:
Multiple methods of pedagogy will be used, such as faculty presentations, case studies,application exercises, films.

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