Blanket Distribution Nightwalk - Around Jama Masjid & Old Delhi Area

Blanket Distribution Nightwalk - Around Jama Masjid & Old Delhi Area


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In winters, Jamghat organizes a walk into the life of street children around JAMA MASJID and OLD DELHI AREA. The aim of the project is to generate awareness about street children living in Delhi and to help them in living a life of their choice in a healthy way. The program is undertaken during the night when most of the people finish off their days work and recede back to their secure homes and these children are left alone on the streets to battle through the evils of night. Their night life offers them many difficulties rendered through their exposed surrounding. It is then that their true nature of surviving in such a non conducive environment is brought to life. We interact with them and increase our awareness about them and their life. The main objective is to understand the difficulty of being a street child.

Your participation in this walk will do a great deal in helping the street children of Delhi. And if people who are interested in the cause could contribute either blankets or the funds to buy blankets, the night walk would be able to help even more number of the needy people.

We therefore seek your contribution either in the form of donating blankets/ warm clothes or the funds for procuring the same. In case you wish to contribute the material, please feel free to contact the undersigned. You can send the blankets/ warm clothes to the address mentioned below. If you want us to pick up the blankets/ warm clothes that you wish to donate, you can do so by paying for the transportation charges.

Essential Points:
* The group is not allowed to carry cameras.
* If a girl/ woman is a part of the group, she is requested to dress in an India suit, or jeans with a full sleeved top. This is to ensure safety.
* It is prohibited to give money to any children seen on the streets.

Meeting Point: Golcha Cinema, Daryaganj.

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