bheemeshwari day activities with ramanagara night camping

bheemeshwari day activities with ramanagara night camping


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It is a best destination which offers numerous adventurous sports and every nature lovers should visit Ramnagara which comprises of scenic beauty, best destination for Rock climbers, Chimney Climbers, Rappelling enthusiast, Ramanagara Night Trekking , Ramanagara Camping , Kayaking, ATV Rides, Jummarring, Zipline, team building and it offers numerous Adventure activities.


At Ramnagara, Adventure Nest has its own campsite which is dispersed in 2 acres of land. We have all amenities with resort luxuries like Camping, Lodging, Restaurant, Basic Toiletries, Team outing space and Corporate Outbound Training facilities, conference room facilities.


We have completed 200+ corporate outings at Ramnagara and have been awarded as the best Adventure Company. We conduct all types of Adventure Activities and offer custom packages depending on your requirements. We have trained staff to conduct Adventure Sports and facility managers to plan your outing in an effective way.


We are very passionate Adventure Enthusiasts and love to conduct as many as adventures in our life time and screw the fear. We have a space in our campsite to train fresher's through small rocks and then we will conduct Rock Climbing on the bigger rocks. Before starting the activity we would guide your team with basics and take care of risk management factors through our safety equipment and instructions.


Ramanagara is one of the most popular Rock Climbing spots. This activity puts your body to the test and builds stamina. Over here, there are two types of rock climbing: Pitch Climbing and Bouldering. Based on your activity level we will guide you whether to start with bouldering or pitch climbing.


Chimney climbing is a very exciting activity that sees the person having to squeeze through small areas in order to reach the top hill. Which are just wide enough for you to squeeze into, to wide gaping chimneys that you climb by bridging and stemming your arms and legs on opposite walls. Climbing a chimney usually requires a straight-forward technique, but it takes a lot of practice to develop the necessary skills to efficiently climb chimneys.


Rappelling is a fun activity where you would have climbed huge rocks & with the same technique you can’t scroll down so Rappelling technique is applied where in you slowly and smoothly get down the rocks with the support of one single rope. It is adventurous and adrenaline rushing activity. We also take you for night treks and camping on the top of the hill. You can also camp with your family, team, and groups. It’s a unique experience where you stay in the mid of rocks, pitch dark spot and enjoy bon fire with music and dance. You will be camping on the lap of Mother Nature. With these activities, we conduct the virtual river crossing activity which is an individual activity and thrilling one.

We offer custom packages with blend of adventure & team building activities. We offer transportation services for you on a different package to ensure hassle free journey.

Come and experience the best outing essence at Ramnagar!

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