Book Online Tickets for Bhalu (The Bear), NewDelhi.  \\\'Bhalu (The Bear)\\\' & \\\'Baap Re Baap\\\' two short Hindi plays. “BHALU” (THE BEAR)The play “The Bear” is a farce. It is full of many absurd situations and remarks. There are three main characters in the p

Bhalu (The Bear)


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 'Bhalu (The Bear)' & 'Baap Re Baap' two short Hindi plays. 


The play “The Bear” is a farce. It is full of many absurd situations and remarks. There are three main characters in the play and they all make us laugh with their absurd behaviour and comments. Popova is a widow. Her husband died seven months ago, but she is still in mourning. Her servant, Luka advises her to give up her mourning. He advises her to see her neighbours, but she says that she will keep on mourning until her death. 
In the meanwhile, Smirnov comes to take 1200 roubles from Popova. Her husband used to buy oat from him. Popova tells him that her steward is out and she will pay him the day after tomorrow. However, Smirnov insists on taking the money that day. He behaves rudely. He even makes fun of Popova’s mourning and her state of mind. Popova also becomes rude. They speak against each other’s sex and use insulting words. Smirnov thinks that he has been insulted. He challenges Popova to fight a duel.
Popova accepts the challenge and brings her husband’s revolver. However, she does not know how to fire. She asks Smirnov to teach her how to fire. The situation changes and Smirnov is impressed by her boldness and beauty. He says that he does not want to fight the duel. He expresses his love for her. 
He offers her his hand. 
First, she insists on fighting, but then asks him to go. She changes her decision repeatedly and then decides to marry him. When Luka returns with other servants to beat Smirnov, he is surprised to see them touching each other.
Written by: Anton Chekhov
Directed by: Sunil Bhati
Length of the play: 30 min.
Cast and Crew : Sunil Bhati, Esha Dogra, Qazi Kokab Fareed

Baap Re Baap  The play had a comedy theme and was centered around a family where the couple Vikash and her wife (menu) thinks that their father is lost and announce a reward for him. From the servant of the family (Noorbaksh) cracking jokes every now and then and trying to woo the “pretty” family friend to strange neighbours who keep dropping in to sympathize with the couple to frauds who keep coming to claim the reward. 

Directed by: Tarun U. Kapoor
Length of the play: 70 min.
Cast and Crew : Tarun U Kapoor, Anamika, Qazi Kokab Fareed, Manish Kalakar, Pragya, Samyak Suryavanshi, Jatin Sharma, Aakash Khatri, Akshay Kurseja, Nikhil Nagpal.

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