Beyond photography ... the life

Beyond photography ... the life


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About The Event

A photography workshop by Pierre Poulain

  • - This is a workshop for photographers, either professionals or amateurs, but also for people interested by philosophy and photography in general.
  • - It is not about technics, and there is no requirements to bring a camera.
  • - The workshop is about PHOTOGRAPHY and LIFE, or “Philosophy of photography”. It’s aim is to understand the links between the photographer, his life and his photographies.
  • - The practical aim is to understand what is a better photography, how to achieve to take better pictures (Not from a technical aspect, but from a human one), and in general to investigate the link between Photography, Art… and Life.
  • - Extracts of movies : interviews of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Eisenstaed, and Andre Kertez
  • - Presentation and explanations of photography’s from various master of the XXth century, including: Henry Cartier-Bresson, André Kertez, William Klein, Eugène Smith, Susan Bank, Lord Snowdon, Avedon, Griffiths, Bourke-White, Peter Turnley, Elliot Erwitt, Eugene Atget, Koudelka, etc…


The workshop Program:

  1. The link between the shutter, the speed and the sensitivity … and space, time and consciousness. To understand and integrate this relation allows the camera to become the natural prolongation of our self.
  2. The essential message of a photography is invisible to our eyes. Either an idea or a sentiment, where to find it in a photography and how to read a photography.
  3. Henry Cartier-Bresson and the decisive moment. How to capture in a blink the essential of a photography. The need to look without try to recognize.
  4. Making a photography universal. The challenge for the photographer to be express beyond his personality. The keys of the real art.
  5. Subjectivity and objectivity. Digital manipulations and Photoshop, is it legitimate? The need for the photographer to be a revolutionary in is time.
  6. The freedom from the technical complexity: using single focal lenses to gain more freedom. Concepts of freedom and choice.
  7. Being a photographer, a responsibility and a way of life.


  • 5 hours, including 2 pauses of 15 minutes (3 sessions of 1:30 hours separated by 15 minutes pause)


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