Beyond Pat on Your Back - Effective Feedback Workshop

Beyond Pat on Your Back - Effective Feedback Workshop


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    Effective Feedback

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About The Event

”Beyond Pat On Your Back”: How To Give Effective Performance Feedback
Feedback workshop can help your workplace shift from an absence of feedback, or infrequent, stressful, “shock and awe” performance reviews to a culture of open communication through extremely effective, ongoing feedback.

Leaders and managers often find it difficult to deliver appropriate, useful feedback that will assist employees in their development. Too often employees are guessing at what they are doing right and hearing only about what they are doing wrong, sometimes well after the fact. Effective feedback from team leaders, supervisors and managers helps employees enhance what they are doing well, identify problem areas so they can adjust behaviors and develop new skills and behaviors to improve performance. During this interactive workshop, participants learn to avoid the common mistakes managers make when giving feedback and improve their feedback skills resulting in more proactive and effective guiding, coaching and directing.

Feedback workshop helps managers:
• Deal with under performance and challenging feedback situations
• Unleash the potential of promising employees who have career-limiting behaviors
• Clarify expectations and reduce confusion
• Let employees know their work is valued
• Make teams far more effective
• Improve workplace relationships up, down, and across the organization

During this workshop participants will learn to:
• Create and deliver a specific message and clear expectations in terms that can be heard and understood by individuals.
• Focus on learning based feedback to measure performance.
• Avoid blame, judgment, threats, vague generalities, or ascribing motives 
• Give effective, consistent feedback in a timely manner 
• Deliver feedback that is descriptive, specific and behavioral 
• Explore how our different communication styles impact how we give and receive feedback


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