• Stag Entry

    Unlimited Beer, Limited Liquor, Limited Snack, Unlimited Dinner

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    INR 2500
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  • Couples Entry

    Unlimited Beer, Limited Liquor, Limited Snack, Unlimited Dinner

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 4200
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  • V.I.P. entry

    Unlimited Liquors, Unlimited Snacks, Unlimited Dinner

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    INR 6000
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About The Event

BENGALURU MASH UP New Year Party is being organized at the Country Club International with the theme DJ Night New Year 2014, the event would feature several prominent DJs playing the best music to keep the guests hooked on to the two dance floors available at the venue.


Apart from the ten pioneering DJs several other professional dancers would also be performing at the event venue, to keep the guests entertained. The guests can amuse themselves in the vast pool space and garden area available at the venue apart from the two large disco floors.


A separate VIP floor is available for those who like to ring in the New Year’s Eve in their private space, even while being present at the most happening party.  To ensure that there is no stone left unturned in terms of entertainment, the best of Speakers, LED and HRD lightings have been arranged at the venue.


The artist line-up is as follows:





  3. DJ SAMS

  4. DJ BOB


  6. DJ JAXX


  8. DJ AJ

  9. Two Female DJs


Event Info:


SECURITY _ Bouncers & Security Crews will be protecting the whole activity.

Unlimited DINNER _ Along with the Complimentary Drinks & Snacks, Crowd will be provided with UNLIMITED DINNER which is not less than huge benefit for them.

PARKING SPACE _ Country Club International has got a good space for parking the vehicles (*2 wheelers, 4 wheelers)

MUSIC SATISFACTION _  DJs will be filled all over the club to satisfy the crowd in prosperous manner. Every hour DJs will be replaced in order to catch the Crowd’s enthusiasm.

SMOKING & BOOZING _ party people are need not to go out of the Club to purchase their brands of liquors & Cigarettes as the stalls will be fixed inside the Club.

Residence _ People need not search for the place/room to stay after the party as they would be l facilitated with a  Room at a Satisfactory Cost.



  1. STAG : Unlimited Beer + Limited Liquor + Limited Snack + Unlimited Dinner

  2. COUPLE : Unlimited Beer + Limited Liquors + Limited Snacks + Unlimited Dinner

  3. V.I.P. : Unlimited Liquors + Unlimited Snacks + Unlimited Dinner

Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

  1. No Refund after purchasing the ticket.

  2. No food & liquors are allowed from Outside.

  3. Sale/Use of Drug is strictly Prohibited.

  4. Bags & Containers are checked at the entry. Banned items like Glass, Weapons & Umbrella etc.,

  5. Make sure that you find holomark + Barcode when you purchase the passes.

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