Bengali play DRISHTIKANYA - Comedy of Illusions

Bengali play DRISHTIKANYA - Comedy of Illusions



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Presenting you from the director of “Sadichha-r Rangbadal”, “Simantini” & “Dui Hujurer Gappo”


DRISHTIKANYA - Comedy of Illusions


Inspired from Daphne du Maurier’s “The Blue Lenses”

playwright - Indrasis Lahiri;  direction - Sayandeb Bhattacharya

a SMARANNIK production


Is this a magic, really a magic? utters Tamasa, the blind lady as she regains her lost eye-sight after 8 long years in a cabin of Bright Health Nursing Home. The play Drishtikanya slowly makes its comical turn as Tamasa is left dumb-founded to witness the side-effects of the miraculous surgery.

As the bandages are removed, she sees everything - or rather, everyone - entirely differently;every human face appears to be that of an animal! Her apparently loving husband, the caring nurse, her noble father-in-law, everyone has an animal face. Innocently blurting out what she sees, Tamasa becomes a mirror reflecting unpalatable truths to everyone - creating confusion, frustration, drawing ire - all at once. Many hilarious situations are crafted on stage as the drama slowly progresses revolving around Tamasa’s strange vision and her relationship with each of the characters. But, it takes a sharp turn when Tamasa suddenly starts seeing the doctor’s human face and all the “animals” get together in a conspiracy against her. Did Tamasa’s world fall apart? Will Tamasa be able to see the world and its people as they are? Can the doctor fix her vision to “normal”?

The play brings out the idiosyncrasies of our so-called “sophisticated” society using apt comedies and sharp characters that are bound to trigger questions on faith, liberty, and truth from the clutches of the societal norms.


“There comes a moment in the life of every individual when reality must be faced.” -- Daphne du Maurier

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