Bela Theatre Presents Sophocles\'s - Oedipus - Play At IHC

Bela Theatre Presents Sophocles\'s - Oedipus - Play At IHC


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Bela Theatre Presents Sophocles's 'Oedipus' Play.

Oedipus is an “Athenian Tragedy”. This play is set in around 420BC in Greece. The writer Sophocles has embedded the theme Fate in this play. Oracles and predictions have always been an integral part of the Greek plays. Oedipus the King deals with the same things and also it has a lot of opportunity for the dramatic irony. According to Aristotle, a tragic play should make the audience feel both pity and fear. The tragic play Oedipus the King, written by Sophocles, does just that. Sophocles uses sudden and tragic plot twists throughout the play to grip the audience and fill them with pity and fear. Sophocles develops the main character with unique characterization. In the beginning of the play it becomes clear the audience that the main character, Oedipus, is a king, and a man of great wealth and fame. Oedipus is not portrayed as an evil tyrant, but as a good man, who wants what is best for the city of Thebes, which he rules over. However, as the play progresses a blind old man prophecies of the coming doom. Oedipus then speaks with a shepherd and learns how he was adopted. The parents Oedipus knew were not his real parents. As the story unfolds, the pieces of the mystery come together, and Oedipus learns that the prophecy he received long ago at the Oracle of Delphi has been fulfilled.

The way the story of Oedipus quickly and abruptly changes to doom is shocking and greatly disturbing, since it involves some of the most tragic events imaginable. The most dramatic and ironic part of the play is that in order to ran away from his fate Oedipus ran right into it.

Director : Arun Jindal

Entry : Free (Seating on First-Come First-Served Basis)

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