Become Reiki Healer Level I - By Dr. Arvinder Kaur

Become Reiki Healer Level I - By Dr. Arvinder Kaur


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About The Event

Reiki is a form of energy medicine. In essence, you become a channel for the Universal energy of Reiki to flow through and heal. Reiki’s utter simplicity yet powerful results are the main reasons why many people are attracted towards this healing method.

The way to enter the path of Reiki is through receiving four Reiki attunements or empowerment from a properly trained Reiki master.


Duration : 1 Full day.

Broadly, the first degree course comprises of teaching, sharing and practice. The Reiki history needs to be explained in detail, as well as the basic premises of energy healing. Then, the hand positions need to be demonstrated, and ample time has to be reserved for sample treatments.

A Reiki First Degree class is a joyous and liberating experience. It is a wonderful introduction to learning to nurture oneself and others, and reconnect with the energy that is the basic support for our life, as well as the life of the planet and all of Creation.

"Rei" in Japanese means 'Spirit'. And "ki" means 'Life force energy'. Together they can be read as "Spirit led life force energy". Reiki is not magic, black or otherwise, it is not connected to any religious rites or any religion, it is not a cult or anything to do with 'Faith healing'.

Reiki is a Japanese term that when translated means 'Universal life force', what is termed 'Prana' in Sanskrit, 'Chi' in Chinese and is known as 'Cosmic energy' to many. It is the name adopted for a system of healing that was (re) discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Reiki involves the transfer of energy from the 'Reiki channel' (or the person giving Reiki) to the receiver, it is a method of holistic healing, and the underlying principle of their effectiveness are similar. However, in Reiki, no pressure is required, and the recipient's vital force is activated by the energy received from the Reiki channel.

Apart from our physical bodies, we have other etherical bodies surrounding us. The aura around us has been documented with the help of advanced photography. Yoga describes the presence of seven spiritual energy centers or the chakras in our bodies. They are on our auric level and correspond to the endocrine glands in our bodies. These are so interrelated that an imbalance in one will affect the other. This means that an infection or diseased energy first affects the auric field before the physical body develops symptoms of the illness. Therefore keeping the aura healthy goes a long way in avoiding illness. Practiced regularly, therefore Reiki works on the mind, the body, on the emotional and even on the spiritual planes. Thus, Reiki is not something that should only be done when one is unwell – it is a measure to optimize ourselves on all fronts.
Reiki can be learnt and practiced by anyone, even a child. It is a very simple hands–on technique. To be a Reiki channel or a person who can practice Reiki, a person needs to acquire attunement from a Reiki master. This opens the chakras enabling the person to act as an effective conduit for the transfer of the Universal life force energy. Reiki cannot be learned from a book or by instruction. It is one of the ancient mysteries of the world and the activation of Reiki in your hands occurs only through an 'Attunement' or 'Initiation' which is given by a Reiki master.

About Dr. Arvinder Kaur :

Dr. Arvinder Kaur is doctor in Ayurveda & Psychology as well Reiki Grandmaster attuning people to learn healing themselves as well others too. She has been a channel of Attunement to people around the world for supporting them to become their own channel Of Reiki through Attunement & Practice for their Highest Purpose. Being a Doctor of Psychology & Ayurveda, she also guides people about Mind & Energy Works. She does all her work & workshops on Energy Works as we all are Energy Being. 

Timings : April 2, 2015 from 10.00 AM- 6.00 PM..

Course Fees : 

Early Bird Till 26th March,2015 : Rs.5,000/-
Full Fees from 27th to 31st March, 2015 : Rs. 6,000/-
Kindly call to know about more details.

What you get :

Reiki Attunement to Level 1, Certification, 2 teas & Lunch & Manual.

For confirmation call Dr. Arvinder Kaur 9910781190 or write at


Be Blessed Of Divine Light.

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