Become Master Hypnotist -Workshop In Mumbai

Become Master Hypnotist -Workshop In Mumbai


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About The Event


Master Hypnotist Workshop (Includes Self Hypnosis + Hetro Hypnosis+Stage Hypnosis)


HYPNOSIS is a powerful and natural ability available to everyone; easy to learn and use. On this stimulating weekend you will learn the most powerful tool for achieving calmness of mind and changing patterns of thought, behaviour and emotion.


With the help of your unconscious mind you will discover how to quickly and easily change unwanted habits, overcome fears, boost self-confidence and diminish unpleasant emotion. You will learn how to maintain your composure in difficult situations, decrease stress and anxiety.


Benefits Of Master Hypnotist Workshop


 You will have ability to hypnotise yourself and others


 A solid understanding of what exactly hypnosis is and how it works.


 You will develop ability to relax deeply in under 2 minutes


 You will learn the skills needed to relax others using your voice and body language


 You will know how to use hypnosis in everyday life


 You will have wealth of information on human behaviour, psychology and emotional states


 You will discover how to use self-hypnosis to increase self-confidence


 You will use hypnosis to--


 Enhance creativity


 Improve sleep


 Boost immune system function


 Balance your emotional life


 Manage anxiety


 Lift depression


 Manage stress


 Enhance your memory and learning abilities


Content Of Workshop


Powerful Induction Technique -It takes just 3 minutes to put a person into Deep Trance.


 Hypnotic Anesthesia


 Healing Mind & Body Problems


 Controlling Pain - Self and in others.


 How to give Hypnotic Presentation / Demonstrations


 How to hypnotize children – You can help children in improving their concentration, memory, habits, and studies.


 Suggestibility Tests


 Post Hypnotic Suggestions


 Finger Signals to communicate with your subconscious mind and healing.


 Pendulam Signals to communicate with your subconscious mind and healing.


 How to formulate suggestions


 How to give theraupatic suggestions


 How to teach self hypnosis to others


 Hypnosis phenomena and demonstrations


 Deepening techniques


 Instant and Rapid Inductions


 Hand Drop Induction


  • Clasped hands
  • Drop Back Induction
  • Rapid hands Together method


 How to give lecture - demonstration of hypnosis.


About Dr.Anand Kharat(AK)


Over the last ten years, Dr.AK has presented this exciting workshop to over 2000 delighted delegates. Through a careful blend of explanation, demonstration and practise, experienced therapist Dr.Ak will show you how to use your hypnotic ability to its best effect.


He is Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,Certified NLP Practitioner,Past Life Regression therapist.


He has conducted more than 600 seminar and workshop all over India in 10 years.




The Regular Price to attend this Workshop is Rs.5500/-

( Including tea, lunch and study material.)


Early Bird Discount Rs.4500/-




Free Hypnosis Take Home Package


On arrival at the workshop you will receive this CD and scripts package worth 2400Rs.Use them to improve your hypnosis skills.


Workshop Details


Day: Sunday


Date: 20 May 2018


Time:9Am to 6Pm


Venue: Hotel Royal Orchid,Vashi,Navi Mumbai.




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