Become an Online ENTREPRENEUR - Attend SECOND-INCOME Workshop!

Become an Online ENTREPRENEUR - Attend SECOND-INCOME Workshop!



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About The Event


If you have attended any of my workshops earlier regarding online income you probably already know that I am an active freelancer online, making money not only through freelance projects, but also through other ways like affiliate income, Google AdSense, etc!

I have been working online for about 4 ½ years now, and know that there are 17 ways of making money online.

I conduct a PAID, 1-day workshop once every 2 months, in which I share all the techniques and ways to make money online – in fact, during the workshop I share my 4 ½ years of online earning experience, including the 17 ways of making money online,  with live PREVIEW of my account!

If you are determined to make money online, then you SHOULD attend this workshop.

I know, there are a lot of schemes out there, which just claim to help you make money online, but 99% of them are FAKE and SCAMS!! And none of them will ever be willing to show you live, their own accounts where they made money!!!

Who doesn’t need a Second Income?

Whether you are employed full-time or part-time, you know that you can always make use of a little extra cash, if only you knew how to make that money, isn’t it?

If you are a self-employed individual or an entrepreneur who loves your freedom, then you sure have the innate craving for building another stream of income, don’t you?

Well, even if you are a housewife or a freelancer or just a student looking for ways to make money, then this is the BIG opportunity that you have been waiting for!!

Over the last 4 and half years, I have been able to make “considerable amount of money” over the last 44 months through various ONLINE opportunities and I plan to share all that information with you through a short, CRISP 9-hour program on 9th June 2013.

I shall show you 17 different ways of making money online, which have helped me become financially independent (Can you believe it – NO Home Loan, NO Car Loan, NO Personal Loan, NO Credit Card Debts!!)

Excited? Do you also want to see such inflow of money into your account?

COME; LEARN from the EXPERT FREELANCER – one of the top 10 in the country!!

REGISTER for the 1-day program!!


  • 17 Online Income Opportunities (Overview)
  • How to convert YOUR Knowledge, Skills and Abilities into CASH?
  • How to set Up a Website for Yourself with LESS THAN Rs. 200/- a MONTH?
  • The ESSENTIAL things to do and have
  • The ROADMAP to Your Second Income
  • Top 10 TOOLS for an Online Business
  • Miscellaneous: Article Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping, Ghost Writing, SEO and SEM, Blogging, Podcasting, Internet Marketing, Google AdSense & AdWords, CPC, CPM, Autoresponders, RSS Feeds, Leveraging Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc)
  • How to AVOID SCAMS?

This is THE OPPORTUNITY that you have been waiting for!

GRAB it – say “YES” to this KNOCK on your door!!

If you want to ascertain the value that you will receive by participating in this program, you can set up an appointment with me for a FREE, PERSONAL DISCUSSION with me any time over the next THREE days!

Call me on the mobile number furnished!!

I look forward to meeting you!!!

Warm regards,

Bhaskar Karampudi.

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