The Laymen Consultants - Be The MEN amongst the boys of International Business - A Workshop

The Laymen Consultants - Be The MEN amongst the boys of International Business - A Workshop


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About The Event



This is not a data dissemination workshop. It is a workshop aimed at inculcating best practices in your international business transactions.

This workshop will not just share with you the best practices in international business but also show you how to apply them. It’s the small things that matter and those will be the thrust of the workshop. Its how you use your knowledge collectively to work better. No matter how the market changes, your business will still thrive and grow.

  The topics covered in the workshop are:  
  Core Concepts of International Business and relation to micro business activity  
Balance of Trade  
Balance of Payments  
Current Account Deficit and capital account deficit (CAD)  
Convertibility on current and capital account  
Types of remittances  
  Foreign Exchange management
Foreign exchange reserves components  
Exchange rate quoting Mechanism  
Foreign exchange products  
Exchange rate futures  
Exchange rate exposures and risk management  
  Incoterms – Concepts v/s Practical Working
Types of terms  
Suitability to buyer or seller  
Role of logistics provider  
Risk Analysis  
Applicability of various charges  
Taxation on services  
  Commercial Management and Best Practices in International Trade
Return on Equity and Return on Capital Employed  
Ownership of assets vs. leasing of assets  
Employee Productivity – evaluate, measure, enhance  
Debtors management – risk analysis and control  
Reducing capital costs at various stages.  
Investment like business process.  
Vendor selection.  
  Analytical Quiz  
  Questions and Answers - Open House Session  




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