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About The Event

Event Synopsis

Music is Life, DJing is an art. Becoming a DJ is different but becoming "THE DEEJAY" is not just different because the pace a DJ has to go through to reach the Ultimatum is far beyond mere human comprehension. Only a dedicated DJ knows it. This course is for all those who have ever dreamt of wanting to pursue DJing as a career or as a sincere hobby.

This is the absolute platform for your dream to turn reality. The workshop is by a team of experienced, dedicated, versatile DJs. The requirement to qualify for this course is your passion for music and DJin.


Course played by DJ Shake.
Course will be conducted in two batches:
1st Batch : 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM

2nd Batch : 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Course Content
Day 1: Knowing the equipment.
- Basic setup of a Dj.
- How to setup your equipment.
- Information about CDJ's & Mixer.(Full Hardware Knowledge)
Day 2: The Start-Up.
- Playing a track
- Cueing a track
Day 3: Into the Beat.
- What is BPM? Importance of BPM(Beats Per Minute)
- Beat Counting.
Day 4: The Loop
- Looping
Day 5: Tempo Jump.
- Tempo
- Pitch Bending
- Beatmatching Two Track
Day 6: In the MIXX
- Mixing Two Tracks.
- Exposure to Different Genre.
Day 7: Audio Leveling
- Mixing Two Tracks.
- Leveling the Tracks.
Day 8:  The Final Day.
- Introduction to Digital Djin.
- Introduction to Video Djin.
- Personality Assistance, Profile Management.

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