Be a Bias Detective

Be a Bias Detective


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About The Event

Can you catch these five key suspects who hide in plain sight? These suspects are known to capture and alter the neural pathways of Managers, causing them to take mental shortcuts that often result in systematic errors in judgment and decision-making. Gear up for a mission where you , with your fellow detectives, will identify and hunt these suspects down.

More Information

Cognitive biases affect everyone, every day and in every sphere. They are not particularly good or evil, but at the workplace, they can have a wide-ranging impact on interviews, performance and talent management decisions, budgeting, planning, and forecasting, project management, and almost every other workplace task.

In this micro-workshop, we will first explore the five cognitive biases (listed above) through examples, videos, and cases studies. Then, we will get into teams and play an exciting and high paced detective game where you and your team will need to identify these biases in various workplace situations.

Teams will compete as they collect points, badges, and exciting rewards. All this while you meet people from diverse organizations, network and share stories.

Who is this program for?

This micro-workshop is ideal for managers who are responsible for hiring, performance management, project and financial management. All managers will benefit from this program.

Date and venue

This micro-workshop will be held at Vasati, a beautiful cafe near Koregaon Park, Pune. Learn more about Vasati here –

About the Facilitators

Mansha Depawat
Entrepreneur, Instructional Designer, Facilitator and Project Manager par excellence, Mansha is the co-founder of Epiphany Learning. She is passionate about all things education and has a keen interest in the field of social and networked learning. She has a Masters in Business Management and has successfully led large Learning and Development teams in the past.


Ajay Dasgupta
Ajay is the Vice President, Global Sales for Epiphany Learning. Ajay has 18+ years in the fields of digital marketing, learning and development and HR. He is also an expert facilitator and has facilitated over 100 workshops for organisations across the world. 

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