Introductory session on Benefit of becoming a Life Coach

Introductory session on Benefit of becoming a Life Coach


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    Introductory session on Benefit of becoming a Life Coach

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About The Event

Life Management Academy invites people above 10 years of work experiences


Introductory session on Benefit of becoming a Life Coach

on Sunday (Program starts sharp at 11am and finishes by 12:30pm).Please be there by 1015am


If you are the type of person who is excited by success… the type of person who is fascinated by human potential… the type of person who stands up for what they believe in and has the courage to pursue their dreams - then this is something for you.


With a good Life Coach, a person can make massive breakthroughs in their life and start to consistently achieve elusive goals in the areas of Finance, Relationships, Health, Career, Business, Emotional, Spiritual, etc.


Think about it, we all know what we must do to have a fit healthy body, but actually doing it is a whole different story. This is the exact reason that Personal Trainers are in such high demand.


Someone who will help them cut through all the clutter, find the best strategies for achieving what they want, then push them, encourage them and then make sure they consistently take the required action to get the results they want.


Benefits of becoming a Life Coach:


Teach What You Want to Learn

If you want to be an outstanding success in all areas of your life - health, money, career, relationships, emotional balance and spirituality, then teach others how to be successful and you will transform your own life almost effortlessly.


2. Leverage
As a life coach, you'll discover methods to dramatically leverage your time and your resources to earn


3. Contribution
Contribution is one of the six human needs - imagine the growth you'll experience and how you'll feel each day as you help others achieve their dreams.


4. Flexibility
Flexible hours allow you to work when it suits you including evenings or weekends if you prefer. Part time or Full time.


5. Variety
Coach from the comfort of your home in person or over the phone, or visit clients at their homes or offices. As you advance, you may choose to focus on any one of a number of exciting niche's (Entrepreneurs, Relationships, Corporate, Health, Children, Sales People, etc.). The opportunities are endless.


6. Low Overheads
Coaching has very low overheads and a high hourly rate, making it an extremely profitable business.


7. Business Advantages
Running your own business can have many other advantages including taxation benefits. Imagine not only getting highly paid doing what you love, but receiving tax deductions for all your expenses.


8. Growth
Self- education is the fastest growing industry in the world. This is your opportunity to tap into a niche (Life Coaching) that is still new and only just starting to boom.


9. Be Your Own Boss
Decide yourself where and when you will work and with whom you want to work with. Experience what it's like to have total control and freedom over your life.


10. Anywhere In the World
Once you are qualified and experienced as a coach you can do it from anywhere. You will, in essence have a license to print money and the ability to write your own size pay cheque from anywhere in the world (if traveling and experiencing other cultures is important to you, then this just might be the ticket you've been looking for)


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