Basic Program: Basic Social Media Marketing Program

Basic Program: Basic Social Media Marketing Program


About The Event


Key Take Away

1. Learn to leverage social media for marketing for your brand.
2. Understand how to make your brand thrive on social media. How you can align your social media strategy to your business objectives. 

Session One: The social media landscape

1. Introduction of social media
2. How big and diverse is the social media market in India
3. Snapshot of international social media landscape
4. Why social media can't be ignored
5. Why social media should be used for marketing

Coffee Break

Session Two: How to leverage social media for marketing? (With Case-Studies)

6. Which social media platforms should marketers explore and why?
7. How to select and use various social media platforms for marketing?
8. Devising social media strategy for various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Blogs, Forums, Foursquare/Location based marketing etc)

Lunch Break

Session Three: Social Media Analytics: Measuring the impact of social media

9. Importance of analytics
10. What to measure and how to measure
11. Special emphasis on broader level tools (like Radian6, ThoughtBuzz, MeltWater) and platform specific tools (like Klout, PeerIndex, Tweetlevel etc) used for social media analytics

Coffee Break

Session Four: Assignment
Participants will be divided into teams and will be given a case-study/real assignment.

Fee : Rs 5,000

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