Basic Certification Course on Graphology @ Kolkata

Basic Certification Course on Graphology @ Kolkata


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About The Event

Understanding of handwriting, through SIGPS BASIC GRAPHOLOGY COURSE can help you in countless ways.
As a child you were taught to write. Why don’t you continue to write the way you were taught?
The fact that you don’t is the reason graphology exists....

• The study of handwriting analysis puts you in touch with a new and fascinating world that deals with the amazing potential of the human personality

• Your handwriting holds the proof of your strengths that will help you to believe in yourself.

• You’ll find clues to new talents and aptitudes in your handwriting that you may never have considered before.

• The ability to analyze handwriting can give you a new understanding of yourself or others that are dear to you.

• Knowing your real strengths will put the centre of control in your own hands. This alone is a self-affirming experience worth its weight in gold. It is an essential requirement for making important, sometimes life-changing decisions.

• You can find out why people sometimes gain the wrong impression about you an impression that you never intended to give them.

• You’ll discover why you’re not getting on with a friend or partner or clashing with someone you love. 
• You’ll gain an understanding of the methods you use to deal with your problems.

• Surprisingly many of us don’t know how we will react in times of crisis. You will find out whether you run away from your difficulties or face them squarely.

• You will find out how you get on with other people - if you are too shy or too dominating; if you are an introvert or an extrovert.

• Sometimes we feel that we have reached the crossroads in our lives. At such times we need to look at ourselves objectively.

• A study of handwriting can give us a clear understanding of our priorities so that we can make the decisions that are right for us.

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