Bangalore Cycle Day

Bangalore Cycle Day


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The Cycle Day campaign, organised by DULT, BMTC, BTP, BMRCL in association with cycling communities and citizen groups, designates the last Sunday of every month as a city-wide "Cycle Day", and encourages Bangaloreans to choose cycling over motorized transport as much as they possibly can. 

Cycling is healthy, green, inexpensive and fun. Even if you haven't cycled in years, the campaign encourages you to rediscover the freedom and mobility cycling offers you this Cycle Day. 

The Cycle Day campaign kicks off with the event "Feel Bengaluru", between 7-10 am on 27th October at Cubbon Park. Here's the event lineup:
7.30 am | Inauguration of Cycle Day and ceremonial ride by Chief Guest (starts at Hudson Circle) 
8.00 am | Heritage ride in and around Cubbon Park (starts at library). 
Refreshments will be provided, and an idea box will be stationed so that your voice is heard by the DULT. 

How do you participate? By giving cycling a chance. By showing up. Ride your cycle to Cubbon Park.
If Cubbon Park is too far from where you live, carry your cycle with you in any Volvo Bus between 7-10 am at no extra cost. If you don't have a cycle but want to be part of the campaign, rent a cycle at Cubbon Park to discover what all the fuss is about. 

With the growing buzz about cycling, many of you have probably contemplated choosing two wheels instead of four. Take the plunge. It's not that difficult. After all, most of us grew up cycling around our neighborhoods. Go for it. 

Please participate. Bring your family and friends. Spread the word. Like and share on social media. Pitch in with your ideas and suggestions. Volunteer. Make YOUR event successful by helping any way you can.

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