Book Online Tickets for Bandhan : The Tie , Ahmedabad. It is said that any and every Life’s Challenges can be resolved if you have peace at home. And peace at home comes from the tranquillity you and your partner have in between. With modern life, modern challenges have popped up. Among all of whic

Bandhan : The Tie


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    (The Single’ Energy Exchange also includes a Crystal Healing Wand to Heal Relationship) Breakfast ...Lunch & High Teas are included in the fees.

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About The Event

It is said that any and every Life’s Challenges can be resolved if you have peace at home. And peace at home comes from the tranquillity you and your partner have in between. With modern life, modern challenges have popped up. Among all of which, Challenges in Relationship impacts the most.

Being Happy & being Comfortable are two different feelings but unfortunately we don't realise the difference. That means after certain time being in relationship, you or your partner or both are now just comfortable in living with each other and may or may not be Happy with each other. The reason of why you both chose to spend your Life together has vanished in thin air. 

As in a relationship it's easy to fall in patterns and daily routine, you may not even realise when you both have started taking each other for granted. The sweetness of words, the warmth of being together, the sensitivity of touch and even the attractive bodily fragrance has vanished, you may not even realise what went wrong and when, when smaller issues start giving bigger blows, converting discussions into arguments and arguments into quarrels or fights.

And if you have been in relationship and now a single again or have been divorced, many wrong impressions have been created about people and relationship in your energy system. Your heart shrinks and hence you lose trust and confidence in relationships. And nobody can be blamed for an unsuccessful of non-performing relationship because marriages don’t work and rather fall flat for a lot of reasons. We have no formal training or guidance on how to build, cherish and harmonise relationships. What all we know is, what we have learned by watching our parents, friends & relatives do in their relationship, which has seriously limited the do’s & don’ts of our relationship.

No relationship is perfect. Creating, maintaining and sustaining a relationship can be pretty tricky, unless you have the right skills or a strong bond and love to help you resolve normal conflicts. You need to understanding that every problem has a spiritual solution.  Any and every body existing in our life is because of a strong Soul plan, we create before we actually land on this Mother Earth. 

Understanding and realising this spiritual connect helps in empowering, nurturing and growing better relationship. It helps in communicating effectively and resolving relationship issues before they actually pop up, creating a harmonious, peaceful and lovable atmosphere between you both.

This is no Mind Training, this is indeed a 100% Practical Spiritual Energy Workshop. This workshop will offer you variety of learnings through energy experiences and spiritual revelation, you would go through various exercises and energy practices which would start working on you and your spouse’s Anahat and Swadhisthana Chakra, dramatically improving the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way, opening new pathways for a nectarious and nurtured relationship. In case if you are single or divorced it would help in healing the past and generate the right vibrations in you so as to attract the right partner, when you decide to have one and lay strong foundation for a healthier and happier relationship.

This workshop is designed for any and everyone who wish to have a blissful relationship. 

This workshop can work great if you attend it as a couple but we do understand that to convince someone and that too, to attend a workshop which addresses a sensitive subject like this, becomes quite challenging. Hence this workshop is designed so that even individuals in a relationship or singles but who wish to understand how to create a strong foundation for the future or those who have been separated but wish to establish a new relationship and avoid past mistakes can be benefited. You would not be asked to share anything which you do not want to disclose and your status of relationship would not be disclosed to fellow participants.

There would be one to one session with Master TD where you can discuss your problems and issues with him and you can be assured of getting the right advice, guidance and spiritual healing. All the discussions are optional, private and kept confidential.

In this Workshop you would learn …..

  1. What is a Relationship and Emotions conflicts?
  2. Knowing and protecting self from the Five Asuras who can destroy your relationship.
  3. Empowering The Swadhisthana – Establishing the Spiritual Tie.
  4. Empowering The Anahata – Resolving Conflict.
  5. 10 Mantras to enstrengthen Love Life.
  6. 3 Sacred Sutras for Relationship Transformation.
  7. Sacred Intimacy and coping up with bodily needs.
  8. Destroying the Destructive Patterns of a Relationship.
  9. Healing the past and rejuvenating the present – Past Relationship Chord Cutting.
  10. Twilight Energy Meditation.

This Spiritual Energy Workshop is specially designed for Couples and Individuals who …..


Want to upgrade themselves – Who are ready to learn and grow, regardless of their current state of relationship.


Can afford the Workshop Energy Exchange or at least can’t afford to get a divorce! - The workshop fees/ Energy Exchange is as low as your weekend window shopping budget.


Wish to get Healed from Traumatic Heart Breaks - For those who are working a way out, through extra marital affairs or betrayals.


Are on the Edge For those who are on their last chance, or hope, or deciding whether or not to stay together.


Are Seeking More Intimacy - For those needing more connection and warmth.


Are Relationship Beginners - For those who are in the early stage of their relationship, just married or about to get married, who wish to know how to create a successful relationship from the very beginning.


Are Busy – Those who are unable to take out time for this workshop nor to nurture their relationship.


Wish to have personal counselling - Those who require something unique and very personal attention.


The workshop can be taken as a way to give your relationship a complete overhaul or to expand and enrich what you already have, to achieve what you don’t and to nurture what you sow.
It leaves no stones unturned that might be preventing the full flow of potential energy in between you. It offers a clear and simple road map with which you can navigate every aspect of your relationship including the common themes that couples struggle with like: communication, sex, power, money . . . to name a few . . . . The learnings at this workshop acts as a bright light that gets to the root of what is getting in the way and shows you the path through and back into the cored warmth, intimacy and the co-creative vision you planned together. 

This is not just a single day understanding you have at the workshop rather this is handholding for Life time. At any point of time after the workshop, you would have a support team who would help you to go from good to great. They are just a call away. You can even have direct interaction with Master TD any time after the workshop in case you need to take some serious and important decisions.

The Energy Exchange of the workshop is …

For Couple – INR 4100/-

For Singles – INR 3600/- (The Single’ Energy Exchange also includes a Crystal Healing Wand to Heal Relationship)

Breakfast Lunch & High Teas are included in the fees.

To know more and to register for the workshop please feel free to call 74054 06000/ 07000.

Being a Sensitive workshop, we have Very Few Seats to offer so act today or rather Right Now.

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