Bagalamukhi Mahavidya Maha homam

Bagalamukhi Mahavidya Maha homam


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Bagalamukhi Homam

Dasa Mahavidya Series of Homam with Kundalini Awakening (Tantra)

Sixth of the 10 Mahavidya Series of Homams

Bagalamukhi Homam opens Ajna chakra and Invokes Mars

Scheduled LIVE on: 17th January, 2017 from 6 PM to 11 PM IST

Vedicfolks is performing Bagalamukhi Homam – Ajna Chakra and Mars invocation on the most auspicious day of Panchami thithi.

The wisdom goddesses

The Dasa Mahavidyas are also called the wisdom goddesses. Maha denotes great and vidya signifies knowledge. The origin of these goddesses is rather a very interesting story. Daksha Prajapathi, the father of Sati, had organised a huge yagya for which he did not invite Lord Shiva, the consort of Sati. The king considered his son-in-law as someone uncivilised because he sat in graveyards and dressed like a beggar. Shiva refrained Sati from taking part in the yagya but she was stubborn. Shiva compelled her and Sati insisted that she must go. She was furious and her eyes turned red and bright and limbs trembled.

Goddess Bagalamukhi

Baglamukhi appears wearing yellow clothes and is said to have a golden complexion which marks peace and prosperity; she is seated on a lion’s throne. She has control over life and death. She is also said to be a form of ‘Brahmastra’ and is popularly called ‘Bramhastra Roopini’. She’s the weapon to destroy the enemies of the universe. She has the capability of paralyzing the evil forces; protection is one of the responsibilities of Bagalamukhi. She is also said to have excessive magical powers.

Baglamukhi gives solutions for all sorts of legal problems, adverse incidents, and anticipated misfortunes. She also brings prosperity, stability and blesses longevity. She exists in the form of immense power, supremacy, and dominance thus she grants confidence and courage to her devotees.

Bagalamukhi Homam Benefits

Removes the effects of black magic
Annihilates curses
Frees one from legal problems
Gives eternal knowledge
Removes Mars’ malefic effects
Family disputes will be settled
Brings fortune for buying fixed assets

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