AWS(Amazon Web Services) - Crash Course on July 29th , 30th, Aug 5, Aug 6 @ Build Expertise

AWS(Amazon Web Services) - Crash Course on July 29th , 30th, Aug 5, Aug 6 @ Build Expertise


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About The Event

Build Expertise is a Global leader in training,development,and consulting services that helps participants learn new technology and keep themselves updated with the new developments. Build Expertise is formed by and of certified professionals with more than decade of industry experience.


AWS Training Curriculum - 4 days Weekend Course
AWS Introduction & Overview
 Cloud Computing
 History of AWS
 Overview of AWS products and Services
Identity Access Management (IAM)
 Groups
 Users
 Roles
 Polices
 IAM Lab
Lab: Create A Billing Alarm
AWS Object Storage and CDN - S3, Glacier and CloudFront
 S3 Overview
 Lab: Create an S3 Bucket
 Lab: S3 Version Control
 S3 cross region implementation
 Lab: S3 Life Cycle Management & Glacier
S3 Security and Encryption
S3 Transfer Acceleration
CloudFront CDN Overview
Storage Gateway
 Overview of EC2
 EBS Volumes
 EBS Snapshots
 EC2 Instance types
 Load Balancer
 EBS encryption
Lab: EC2 instance creation and administration
 Amazon Machi Image (AMI) configuration & use
Lab: Creating a Windows EC2 Instance
 Security Groups Basics
Lab: AMI Creation & configuration
 EBS Root Device Volumes vs Instance Store for AMIs
 Load Balancers and Health Checks
 AWS ELB health checks
 Cloud Watch EC2
 The AWS Command Line and EC2
 Using IAM Roles with EC2

 Using Bootstrap Scripts
 EC2 Instance Metadata
 Instance Metadata and User Data
 Autoscaling
Lab: Autoscaling Groups
 S3 CLI usage
Lab: Elastic File System (EFS)
 Lambda
 Overview of Route 53
 Routing Policies
 Route 53 Configurations
Lab: Route 53
Databases on AWS
 Database Overview
Lab: RDS Instance creation
 RDS Bootstrap MK2 on Github
 RDS - Back Ups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas
 DynamoDB
 RedShift
 Elasticache
 Aurora
 Overview of VPC
 Network Address Translation (NAT)
 Access Control Lists (ACLs)
 Custom VPC's and ELBs
 NAT's vs Bastions
Lab: VPC Creation
Lab: Custom VPC creation and configuration
 VPC Flow Logs
 VPC Clean Up
Application Services
 Overview of Application Service
 Elastic Transcoder

AWS Architure Framework
 Security
 Reliability
 Performance Efficiency
 Cost Optimization
Exam Practise Questions (5+ Questions each topic)

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