Award winning environment film screening- CMS VATAVARAN

Award winning environment film screening- CMS VATAVARAN


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About The Event

 The New Environmentalists - From Chicago to the Karoo (Multilingual/27mins/2014) 

Directors: John Antonelli, Will Parrinello and Tom Dusenbery

The documentary is about the shared convictions of today's environmentalists: safeguarding the Earth's natural resources from exploitation and pollution, while fighting for justice in their communities. The film is the latest in the Mill Valley Film Group's award-winning series featuring inspiring portraits of six passionate and dedicated activists.

Directo's Bio: John Antonelli and Will Parrinello have been partners in The Mill Valley Film Group for almost 30 years. Beginning with a segment for MTV News on Jackson Browne and his protest against the Diablo Canyon Nuclear power plant in 1983, they have produced an extensive filmography of documentaries on social and environmental issues. MVFG films have appeared on PBS, the Sundance Channel, A&E, ESPN, and MTV, and have been screened at film festivals worldwide including Sundance, Tribeca, San Francisco, Festival Dei Popoli and Edinburgh.


Tales of Gorakhpur: Path Towards a Climate Resilient Future (English & Hindi/20mins/2013) 

Director: Rishu Nigam

Gorakhpur is the second largest city in the mid-Gangetic plains of India. This film tells the story of a city grappling with the dual pressures of urbanisation and climate change. While highlighting the enormous challenge in Gorakhpur, the film builds a case for local governments and citizens to work together to make their cities resilient and sustainable. 

Director's Bio: Rishu Nigam has been associated with TERI's film and television unit since March 2001. Over the last decade, Nigam has covered a wide gamut of sustainable development issues in her films. These are mostly stories of marginalised communities, who despite the various pressures of modernisation and environmental degradation, are sustaining their lives with great resilience. Nigam is also involved in producing and directing a national children's quiz show on the environment, TERRAQUIZ, broadcast on Discovery Channel. Occasionally, she also spends time with a community radio in Mukteshwar, Nainital, mentoring a team of farmers to push their development agenda forward, through the medium of radio.

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