Awaken the Leader Within - a knowledge share program by OWNERCULT

Awaken the Leader Within - a knowledge share program by OWNERCULT


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At OWNERCULT, we believe that all human beings are born with innate leadership qualities that differentiate us from the remaining species on our planet. However, only 1% of humankind harnesses this innate quality to create our individual personalities. We prefer to follow rather than lead ourselves. We blindly practice beliefs that are passed on to us without questioning their applicability.

Interestingly, these self-limiting beliefs are more common than we can imagine, and they hold us back from unlocking our complete potential. The first step to overcoming these self-limiting beliefs is to identify and acknowledge them. The second step is to create progressive habits that change the way we lead ourselves.


Participate in our 2-day workshop filled with experiential exercises, and discover the possibilities that your potential reveals to you.


This workshop is ideal for anybody who is keen to evolve into the best they can be.




What to expect: Knowledge can be gained only when you open your mind to possibilities that you have not considered before. So expect to be challenged and provoked and pushed out of your comfort zone during this workshop, and trust that the experience will leave you wiser.


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