Avadh Food Festival At Kainoosh Restaurant

Avadh Food Festival At Kainoosh Restaurant


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Avadh Food Festival @ Kainoosh Restaurant

Under Marut's vigilant supervision and infamous hands-on approach, Kainoosh has steadfastly established itself as one the foremost dining destinations in the capital. A truly unmissable experience, not only in terms of the ambiance, custom - created by the talented design firm Lotus Designs, but also the appetizing and varied varieties of epicurean delights, specifically serving pan - Indian cuisine. Never one to shy away from exploring and promoting regional gastronomic offerings. Marut has collaborated with the very talented and accomplished 'Mohammed Ilyas' - a scion of the Indian Kitchen, in his own right.

Ilyas will be showcasing his skills and his family's secret recipes - a legacy of seven generations - in a stupendously palatable 30 Day celebration.

Festival of Avadh - 'Avadhi' cuisine has a unique quality of its own emphasizing certain traits like, melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, aromatic delicacies cooked on 'dum', sophistication beyond compare in presentation and a seasonally appropriate dishes.From fishy delights as 'Mahi Musallam' to traditional delicacies like 'Taar Qorma' and 'Murgh Haari Mirch ka Saalan' to the beautiful 'Dum ki Biryani' to some wonderful vegetarian delights: 'Gobhi Musallam', 'Aloo ka Sookha Kaliya', and 'Dum ki Daal Paalak'. Top it all with 'Shahi Turkha', 'Khajoor Badaam ka Halwa' and 'Shahi Kheer'. There aren't better dishes or confections in the land.

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