Aurora - 2012

Aurora - 2012


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Aurora 2012


Aurora ~ Ensnaring Thy Senses, is the Annual Cultural Festival of the Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management Gwalior. Held during the spring season every year, it attracts a whopping 5,000+ students from more than 50 colleges all over the country.

In past, Aurora has been a festive affair to be part off and an exclusive stage for the best of the best artists, performers and show stoppers.

Aurora is the Annual Cultural Festival of IIITM Gwalio r. Aurora 2012 is going to be held from 24th - 26th February 2012.

Indulge in the discovery of yourself, find your hidden talents or simply enjoy the ambiance of the three most exciting days of your life.

To herald the start of unique and magical cultural happenings from all over India, and to give a chance to young guns to break new ground on the cultural scene, with a team full of pedigree and passion "We are BACK"

Thousands of people.Millions of feelings.One stage. AURORA. How do you wish to express yourself this time…
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