Atlas Sunday Club Philosophy Salon

Atlas Sunday Club Philosophy Salon


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Let's get together for our monthly (sort of) meeting of fans, admirers, curious onlookers, and adherents of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism.

Some topics of discussion for this meeting:

1) Is religion a greater threat to our liberty or is government encroachment into citizens' lives more dangerous?
2) What is the Objectivist position on cultural change? How is change created and sustained? What is the historical process from an Objectivist perspective?

We will read some relevant excerpts from "The Vision of Ayn Rand" as well as from OPAR to guide the discussions.

Everyone is expected to raise their own related topics of discussions and contribute lively. To prepare for these meetings, it is highly recommended that you be familiar with some of the fundamental ideas of Objectivism.

We can also play a FUN GAME called "Epistemological Hat!"

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