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Khagol Mandal (Nashik Unit) Announces
Workshop on Astrophotography
We are happy to announce Workshop on Astrophotography for the first time in Nashik! This is going to be a golden opportunity for budding Astro-photographers.

Astrophotgraphy Workshop by Khagol Mandal (Nashik Unit)


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About The Event


Khagol Mandal (Nashik Unit) Announces


Workshop on Astrophotography


We are happy to announce Workshop on Astrophotography for the first time in Nashik! This is going to be a golden opportunity for budding Astro-photographers.


Astrophotography is photography technique for imaging astronomical objects, the night sky and any event in the sky due to non-terrestrial origin. Both scientific & aesthetic approach are practiced by amateur community.


The workshop objectives are the following:


  • To understand the concept of astrophotography and the uses of various equipment, between deep learning and adaptive optics.
  • To properly plan for astrophotography session, understand the flow of the sky and major celestial objects.
  • To understand the image processing, from photon capture to final image.
  • To learn how to capture the Milky Way and celestial objects.


Astrophotography Course would include theoretical inputs on


  • Introduction, Theory & Example Astro-photo survey,
  • Cameras, Astrographs and mounts


And practical sessions on


  • Star trails, Meteor showers and wide angle applications (flexible targets based on LP onsite),
  • Moon and Planets imaging, and
  • Deep Sky objects.


Practical would be flexible depending on sky conditions.


Resource Person: Anurag Shewade, Mumbai, A renowned Photographer with excellence in Astrophotography!


Tentative schedule is,


  • Saturday March 19, 2018                                                                                 4 - 6 PM: Theory and Photo Processing.
  • Saturday/Sunday May 19 and 20, 2018                      06 PM – 05 AM: Field shoot.


Basic photography knowledge and DSLR camera is recommended. Requirements: DSLR Camera with 2 charged batteries.

Age: Above 18 years


Language of Instructions: Primary language will be Marathi and the terminology can be explained in English if required.


Fees: Rs. 4500/- for each participant.


Reporting Time: 3 pm, 19th May 2018 at the venue!


Venue of the workshop is Sahas Camp site, Amboli, Jawhar Road, Trimbakeshwar, Nashik. The site is one of the best bio-friendly camping sites with valley and small hill with clear sky and less light pollution. Modest food would be provided. Evening and morning snacks with tea and dinner is included in the fees. Participants are expected to reach venue on their own by 3.00 pm on 19th May 2018. You should carry your sweaters, and hand gloves, head scarf / muffler and your personal Medicine. Carrying repellent like Odomos is recommended.


The number of seats is very limited, only 25 for better interaction and learning. Reservations would be done on priority basis,


If workshop gets cancelled by organisers only, due to sky conditions or any other technical reasons, fees would be refunded. If participants cancel their entry, fees would not be refunded.




1) Smoking or drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any defaulter will be escorted out of the field and will be prohibited from joining the program. No refunds in case you are prohibited from the program.


2) This is an educational initiative and not a luxury trip. All are requested to maintain the spirit of the program and co-operate. No unruly behaviour towards fellow participants will be tolerated.


3) Final decision of cancellation will rest with the organizer.


4) Organizers are not responsible for medical issues arising to individuals on field. The field is open field and we take care to provide comfortable atmosphere. All are requested to carry personal medicines and follow instructions related to cold and dewing on the site.


5) Khagol Mandal is a voluntary organization working for past 32 yrs in Mumbai and Nashik. The aim of this group is to create awareness amongst our society members. All organizers, speakers, telescope volunteers are amateur astronomers sparing their time voluntary for the social cause. All participants are requested to take the efforts in proper spirit and co-operate. We cannot run a smooth show unless every participant supports us.


Thank you!


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