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 17th August : Swadesh Deepak\\\'s play \\\'Court Martial\\\'.
When respect is denied to a man for the only reason that he is borne by \\\'low-caste\\\' parents, the offence cannot simpl

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About The Event

Asmita Theatre Group presents the following plays :

17th August : Swadesh Deepak's play 'Court Martial'.

When respect is denied to a man for the only reason that he is borne by 'low-caste' parents, the offence cannot simply be termed as a social violence. It assumes larger proportions of crime against humanity and society at large. Yet by the turn in situation the murderer becomes a win...ner whereas the victim is unforgiving.The culprit may receive severe punishment at the hands of the law but, in fact, it is the society which is put in the docks. Court Martial, written by Swadesh Deepak, is a story of recruit Ram Chander who is tried for murdering one of his officers and injuring another.
The Court Martial is presided by a war veteran. Col Surat Singh who has witnessed many 'life –and –death' situation. But this trial puts him in a queer position, so far unknown to him, and during the course of interrogation he realize that the issues at stake are much larger than what meets the eye. Realizing that the Indian army is the only government agency in which reservation on caste basis is not permissible. Court Martial presents a combination of legal and poetic justice.
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18th August : Dario Fo's Comic-Satire play 'Chukayenge Nahi'.

There are undoubtedly greater living playwrights, but only Dario Fo can create a dramatic situation where the line “Mein toh pehli baar dekh rahi hoon ek police waale ki pregnant laash"” sounds perfectly natural. This play is set in a 'modest working class flat' and is Fo's first of its kind comedy insofar as it focuses on the problems in the economy from the viewpoint of the housewife struggling to afford the ever rising prices in the shops.The play centres on a spontaneous demonstration by housewives against rising prices at the local supermarket. 
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