Ashta Lakshmi Maha Yagya on Navratri 6 Day Special. Live Scheduled on October 18th, Sunday 6 PM To 10 PM IST. Watch Live through VF Live TV Page.

Ashta Lakshmi Maha Homam on Navratri


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About The Event

Ashta Lakshmi Maha Yagya : Navaratri Day #6 Special 

Live Scheduled on October 18th, Sunday 6 PM To 10 PM IST


Vedic Folks feels very grateful to conduct Ashta Lakshmi Series of Homam the powerful fortunes focussed series of Goddess Lakshmi. Ashta Lakshmi Maha Yagya is performed with the aim of invoking Eight Divine aspects of Goddess Lakshmi to achieve eight different prosperity/ wealth in the form of Materials, Money, Grains, Luck, Progeny, Courage, Victory and Knowledge.


Program Agenda

Prathana, Ganesha Puja, Doopam Deepam Neyvetyam, Karpoora Aarthi/Deeparathana, Mantra Pushpham for Ganesha, Sankalpa to Ejamanars/Sponsors, Yadhasthanam, Kalasa Avahanams, Archana for Avahana Devadas, Doopam Deepam Neyvetyam Deeparathana, Rudram, Chamakam, Purusa Suktham, Narayana Suktham, Durga Suktham, Sri Suktham, Bhakya Suktham, Shanthi Panchakam, Pavamana Suktham, Ayusha Suktham, Ashta Lakshmi Puja & Japa , Agni Invocation, Ganesha Homam, Parivara Devada Homam,  Ashta Lakshmi Maha Yagya, Doopam Deepam Neyvetyam Deeparathana, Namaskaram, Maha Purna Huthi, Kalasa Deeparathana/Maha Deeparathana, Mantra Pushpam, Yadhasthanam, Kalasa Purochanam/Holy Water, Maha Prasadams, Final Namaskaram Process/Blessings from Bramanas.


Why Ashta Lakshmi Maha Homam?

MahaLaksmi, the Great Goddess of True Wealth is the Ruler of All Truth and of quality of Light. She is the inconceivable formless, and again She is with form and is known by many names. Her attributes can be named, and yet She cannot be explained by only one name. Ashta Lakshmi Maha Homam is performed to invoke Ashta Lakshmi  (8 forms of Goddess Lakshmi) the chief deities of this endowing ritual, for accumulating wealth, eliminating debts, solving financial troubles and gaining financial stability.


Key Features for Ejamanar’s/Sponsors:

 ·         We accept 4 name sankalpam for single order

 ·         Ashta Lakshmi Homa is a Live Online Program
 ·         Bigger Festival Celebrations Pooja on Smaller Price
 ·         LIVE Webcast and Recorded Version also will upload on Vedicfolks official YouTube channel
 ·         Yagya Prasad will send to your address


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