ASCENSION An Ode to Expression And Movement

ASCENSION An Ode to Expression And Movement


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About The Event

Artist Rashmi Sikand Yadav, will be displaying her renditions ofexpression and movement through her Art show  “Ascension” at the India Habitat Centre, Open Palms courtNew Delhi from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.   


Her paintings, using a unique aesthetic vocabulary of linear gesture textures and forms with dense layering create an illusion of energy. The splashes and splatter, drips and pours of paint  enliven or anchor each piece work in tandem to influence the human experience.


While announcing Ascension Mrs Yadav said “I work spontaneously on creating emotional impact of colours, texture, light, atmospheric condition and composition of ground and space” said Ms Yadav while talking about her works, My abstract landscapes are interpretations of what I see around me. The series is about expression and movement”.


Talking about the collection Mrs Yadav Continued “Rhythm, pattern and process are a fitting description for the paintings that i make. Each of my abstract acrylic paintings explores expressive linear gestures, mark- making, unique textures and layering which often creates the illusion of energy, movement and space”.


For her it is imagery filled with an intensity of atmosphere that she would like the viewer to be an insider. Her pieces should attract and make one want to know more of where it started, where it’s going. The viewer’s curiosity moves her and her work takes flight.


About Rashmi Sikand Yadav


A self-taught artist Rashmi Sikand Yadav is a promising artist  proficient in two water based mediums, the Acrylic on canvas works display a liberal use of vibrant colour and multiple layering techniques. She does not use an easel, but instead lay the stretched canvas on a table in her studio, constantly moving it around, working from each side and angle until the painting is complete. Working in this manner allows her the freedom to engage in the piece in its entirety and not just from one perspective. Using layers of paint applied with her hands as well as numerous tools, adds to the physicality of her process and helps her connect with the composition.

Ascension is an amalgamation of abstract acrylic paintings exploring expressive linear gestures, mark- making, unique textures and layering which often creates the illusion of energy, movement and space.


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