Artworks By Trupti Patel At Gallerie Alternatives

Artworks By Trupti Patel At Gallerie Alternatives


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Artworks by Trupti Patel. As a student artist, Trupti Patel was amazed that despite a living tradition of Indian terracotta, fired clay was not accepted by the contemporary art establishment. However, it didn't diminish Trupti's feeling for clay with regenerative powers and earthy nature. For her, concept and reality of ceramic offer a practical participation and a unique material transformation. Her dedication and persistence presents a meditative perusal of clay, be it modelling for plaster mould, working with terracotta or thrown shapes or building figures, in moulded and modelled earthenware or stoneware to realize conceptual, practical and socio psychological relationship of the self and culture of people adoring rituals of the forms and functions in society.

The present work, Collective, presents a symbolic will of widening participation from a variety of people as a metaphor of cultural renewal. This work differs from her installation 101 Sips... Walking, which was seen as a journey of emblematic oblation .It was visualized as a spiral of 101 ladles made in 2000-04.

Trupti's images exert a mystic vision with symbolic function of ritual significance as she moulds, marks, pushes and paints the human figure like a meter. Her exploration of clay, lends substance to her images through an array of works as small or life size pieces be it vessels or paper which offer allusions of space, people and society. Trupti's care and concern reveal rhymes and reality of all consuming fire toughening her curiosity and desire for collective participation of people in creative endeavours.

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