The Art of Living Weekend  Part-I Basic Course

The Art of Living Weekend Part-I Basic Course


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A stress-free mind and a disease-free body are the birthrights of every human being. Neither at home nor at school have we learnt how to handle negative emotions - anger, depression, and stress. Yet, the quality of our life depends upon the quality of our mind. The Art of Living course offers simple but effective techniques, such as " Sudarshan Kriya", Meditation , Yoga and other interactive processes which eliminate toxins and stress that accumulate in our system over time. They are a unique way to harmonize and energize the Body, Breath, Mind, and Emotions & Spirit. The core of this program is a very powerful breathing technique known as the SUDARSHAN KRIYA. These techniques help one release the stress in a natural way, thus sustain a calm, peaceful mind and lead a very happy, healthy life!!! Millions of people across the globe have benefited from this Stress-Relief programme"..... What more are you thinking?? You are precious..Don't ignore yourself !!! No Breath..No Life!! or Know breath...Know life..!! :-) Course conducted by an International Teacher...!

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