Art of Photography - Portraiture & Capturing Fine Art (50% off!)

Art of Photography - Portraiture & Capturing Fine Art (50% off!)


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National Academy Award winning photographer André Jeanpierre Fanthome invites you to a 3-hour workshop on portraitures & capturing fine art using your camera. We kick off in Qutab Minar with a short brief followed by 75-90 minutes of clicking portraits and fine art. We then shift the action to class in Qutab Institutional Area (10 minutes or 5.5 km away) where Fanthome, with you, analyzes some of the photographs you clicked earlier in the day. Tips, tricks, fundas and debate - there will be all that and more!

This class is part of The Art of Photography workshop series ( which was started by André Fanthome ( last year. It has been running to packed houses ever since. The main objective of this course is to not get caught up in the fine technicalities of ‘how to use a camera’ / light / exposure etc (although those will be covered too), but to look at the world afresh. The key is to help you look at the world from a new vantage point - through your camera lens and appreciate the art that is omnipresent all around us. After all, Art is what we make it to be. So if you have a passion for photography, come join the ride for an enriching experience.

As part of our first 100 days extravaganza here at SkillKindle, we are offering his class at a 50% discount! So, if all the razzmatazz above doesn't do it for you, a Rs. 3000 workshop for Rs. 1500 might!

Join in!

Number of seats: 25
When: 7:45 AM, November 26, 2011 
Where: Qutab Minar Ticket Counter, New Delhi followed by Qutab Industrial Estate, New Delhi
Price: Rs. 1500 / ticket | Payments can be made via online banking or in cash, at the venue
To book: Email us on or call us on +91 99109 00551. Slots have started filling up!

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