Art of Coffee Painting

Art of Coffee Painting


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About The Event

Coffee art is the art of painting with coffee and its history is much longer than you might think.The first coffee paintings were made centuries ago, as the brown beverage began to colonize Europe. 

In the past few years, painting with natural pigments has become a common practice among many artists who were looking for ways to obtain unusual textures and colors, that oil or tempera could not offer. Among this pigments, coffee is one of the artists’ favorites. Its color spectrum, from light to dark brown, can createe a striking atmosphere. 

In This Experience, Our Pro-Coffee Artist Agrima will take you through:

1. A short history about Coffee Painting. (FOr eager beavers - You can read-up here :

2. We then move on discuss the types of coffees and their impact on the texture/color in your painting.

3. We then move on to learning the basics and giving you a first sketch to practice on.

4. We then move on to a harder sketch using the skills you've learnt and end it with an art critiquing followed by cakes and coffee (of course!)

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