Archaeological Discoveries by Dr. S.R.Rao: Lothal and Dvaraka

Archaeological Discoveries by Dr. S.R.Rao: Lothal and Dvaraka


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About The Event


Dr. S.R.Rao, emeritus scientist and archaeologist discovered and excavated Lothal, one the most important ancient port cities belonging to the Indus Valley Civilization. Lothal has provided many answers to our knowledge of this culture and removed misconceptions about it, particularly the Aryan Invasion Theory. Additionally Dr. S.R.Rao is known for his discovery of Dvaraka, the ancient city of Lord Krishna that had been submerged underwater. Additional information about Dr. S.R.Rao Memorial Foundation for Indian Archaeology, Art and Culture and its works is attached for reference. 


About the Speaker:

Dr. Nalini Rao is a Professor of World Art, SUA. She is also the Chairperson of Dr. S.R.Rao Memorial Foundation. In this talk Dr. Nalini Rao will talk about the importance of Lothal and the recent researches about the relation between the Indus and Vedic civilizations. The talk also proposes to examine the underwater submerged structures and artifacts and show how Dr. S.R.Rao proved that it was a city built by Lord Krishna.


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