Arabian Nights at Le-Meridien.

Arabian Nights at Le-Meridien.


  • Stag Entry Allowed with Couple only

    Includes Unlimted food and liquor(IMFL)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 2999
    Sold Out
  • Couple Entry Without Room

    Includes Unlimted food and liquor(IMFL)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 4999
    Sold Out
  • Couple Entry With Room Stay

    Includes Unlimted food and liquor(IMFL)

    Sale Date Ended

    INR 9999
    Sold Out

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About The Event

The theme is designed as per the native of authentic and traditional Arabian nights. The decoration is of rich and deep shades of red, purple, emerald colored curtains, magic lamps, genie lamps, colored glass pebbles, hula hoops, empty wine bottles and colored pillows. 

Chocolate coins wrapped in silver and gold colored foils. spread over children s area are showcased or placed on the floor to bring in the essence of Arab authenticity

For entertainment we have professional belly dancers and other extra-ordinary performances. Come and explore yourself in Arabian nights with a series of programs lined up for the event. Such as,

  1. International dancers
  2. Rock and fusion
  3. DJs (Arabian club mix)
  4. Fashion Show
  5. Mini Jumping castle
  6. Cartoon shows on a large TV screen.
  7. Face painter / tattoo artist
  8. Balloon artist
  9. MC
  10. Organizer’s name:  Chromozome Network Pvt Ltd.
  1. Chromozome Network Pvt Ltd catering to the need of Kid’s activities for the evening assures to provide a dedicated segment for the kids which would have experienced staffs and nannies to maintain the kid’s area. Kid’s activities to include:-


  1. Event Date & Time :  31st Dec
  2. Event Venue (Complete Address) : 28, Sankey Road, Bangalore, KA 560052 Ph: 080 2226 2233
  3. Event duration : 6 hours
  4. Entry time for the event : 7:00 PM
  5. Gate Entry Details:  Gate opens at 7:00 PM and closes 10:00 PM. 
  6. Would I be allowed incase I am late for the show? : YES
  7. Re-entry is not allowed.
  8. Children are allowed for the event.
  9. Age limit to buy a ticket:18
  10. Over all Capacity of the venue : 1500
  11. There will be 5  performances.
  12. Ticket Rates  : Couple entry without room  4999, with room 9999 and stag entry 2999.
  13. Differences between various ticket categories:  Without room: 4999, with room:  9999, stags: 2999 allowed only with couples.
  14. Unlimted food and liquor : IMFL
  15. How is the seating arrangement - Seated/ Non-seated :  Seated
  16. It is a free seating with first come first serve basis.
  17. Approximate distance from the first row and the stage if possible: N/A
  18. Type of seats: Sofa, Leather couch, bucket seats, plastic chairs:  Sofa, Leather Couch, Bucket seats.
  19. Seat layout of the Auditorium/stadium
  20. The venue is  roof top / covered.
  21. All categories have an A/C.
  22. Wheel Chairs and Elevator facility available at the Venue.
  23. Venue for Parking available.
  24. Is parking free or chargeable? : N/A ( not assigned as of now)
  25. Date of commencement of booking through website: ( 20/11/13)
  26. Counter set up details? (Date, Venue & Timings)
    Le-Meridien hotels
    28, Sankey Road, Bangalore, KA 560052
    080 2226 2233
  27. Terms & conditions of this event

1. No entry would be allowed without proper identification.

2. Tickets to be produced at the counter during the event.

3. Stags without accompaniment of a couple not allowed.

4. Terms under hotels and event managements clause.

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